Create mod for Minecraft? Easily!

Create mod for Minecraft

Every day on YouTube you see a whole bunch of reviews of various Minecraft mods. And you always had the desire to create your own interesting, unique mod, as on the site. But there is one big obstacle, not knowledge of corruption. Now this is not a problem with this program; it will help you create a mod without knowledge of the Java language.


MCreator is a very useful program for creating almost all mods of any type, without any knowledge of burnout. Here you can create your own ore, tools, mobs for which you can set a behavior model, and much more. Imagine that you can create a super sword for Paper Minecraft with the help of which you can kill the Edge dragon with one hit.

Also here, after you create a mod, you can dig deeper into its program code and tweak something there. The program is quite easy to learn. But if you are not good friends with English, then it will be hard.

Prescribing recipes, seeds and drops is as easy as crafting in a game. Use filters to search through the huge list of things in Minecraft. MCreator can export recipes pictures so they can be posted on the site.

Experienced developers will like the ability to edit the source code of mods in a convenient interface. The program editor MCreator has syntax highlighting, autocomplete and other pleasant things for the programmer. Integration with Eclipse is supported.

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Good luck and success!